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All hot car enthusiasts like to hear the burbling sound of a throaty stainless steel exhaust that has been fitted onto a top motor. It is the quintessential addition to your car that will get you noticed on the road and at car modification shows. In addition to making your car look much better than if you've just stuck with the stock full exhaust system, a full stainless steel exhaust will also serve to improve the Brake Horse Power (BHP) of your vehicle.

Leading experts in performance cars have all the statistics on by how much particular makes and models cars can be improved if you have certain exhausts fitted. For further reading please do a search engine search and you'll find lots of information out there about which exhausts to purchase if you're looking for a particular power increase. But it would be a fair to say that many car modifiers would make the decision to purchase a particular stainless steel backbox based upon looks alone. Fair enough, a couple of horsepower difference here and there does makes a difference in terms of performance but modifying cars is as much how it looks as it is about performance improvements. Besides air filters, alloys, engine mapping and many other forms of modifications all contribute towards the performance, looks and, of course, sound of your car.

An important aspect to consider when purchasing a full exhaust system is the condition of your current stock exhaust. Ok so this might sound a little controversial but the most frugal of us would only upgrade once my current system is on its way out but, let's be honest, many modifiers are willing to pay for their hobby and will even upgrade to a full stainless steel exhaust with their brand new car.

So if you're considering purchasing a new system then the first thing you will need to do is look through some manufacturers brochures or visit a few websites to check out some ideas about which style of exhaust you'd like. You may want a similar system to the one that a car from your favourite car racing movie or you friend might have an exhaust that you particularly like. You might want to do the opposite and be different by sourcing an exhaust that you haven't seen on another car. Or at least choose one that isn't very popular but is still a very nice design. You could even have one designed for you and ask an exhaust maker to make one for you based upon your own design! But you've have to really splash the cash to make this possible!

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Stainless Steel Exhaust

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This article was published on 2011/06/08